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Sauels Logistics Services is partner of ILN

Why are we different from others?

Go with us across Europe.
Direct connection from our places of transshipment to all over Europe.

We work with a decentralized transport system.

ILN, International Logistic Network, has been working as a general cargo cooperation of more than 190 middle-class logistic enterprises. At the moment our network has 24 TransShipmentPoints (TSP) at our disposal. These are linked with each other by direct transport in a night-modus.

Besides their function as a regional hub, TSP is a gateway for part-load traffic to and all over Europe.

The geographical position of TSP and the dense partner-network guarantee a smooth operation with an average transit time of 24/48/72 hrs within Europe.

Apart from standard transport which is geared to the normal transit time, we offer the following additional services:

→ Overnight 08:00
→ Overnight 10:00
→ Overnight 12:00
→ Priority
→ Security
→ ILN-Exact
→ International Guarentee 10:00
→ International Guarentee 12:00


Departure schedule europe


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