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The brothers August and Konrad Sauels founded in 1928 the company Gebrüder Sauels. From his parents' farm in Kaldenkirchen Breyeller street, now Nettetal, Kölner Strasse, a trucking company for coal, clay, gravel and clay roof tiles developed transport.

In the 50s took place early on by Kaldenkirchen from a specialization in regular service in the North of Germany.

Establishment of a branch in Hamburg. The provision of services performed strongly, of Hamburg from the north-west traffic was settled.

Accession in the groupage cooperation S.T.a.R. based in Homberg/Efze

On 12 July 2003 celebrated the forwarding Sauels on its premises the 75th Anniversary.

The toll collection is done on a statutory basis ( Motorway Toll Act ). It is introduced on 01.01.2005. Under this law, all vehicles with a maximum gross weight of 12 tons on German motorways are toll roads. The toll is charged per kilometer. The amount of the toll is dependent on the number of axles and emission class of the vehicle used. The average toll rate will initially be 12.4 cents per kilometer. Later, this rate increases to 15 cents. On our site enstand a new transfer station. The building project has a total size of 2200 square meters and has an outdoor area of more than 6500 square meters. The short construction period resulted from the benefits of steel construction. The peculiarity of the steel structure is 34 meters long and five meters high truss with a total weight of 11,000 pounds. With this binder, it is possible to distribute the loads of a cantilever office complex with a span of 34 meters on the outer columns.

Accession in the groupage cooperation ILN (International Logistic Network) based in DE-Sinizg.

New Managing Director since 01 January 2007: Knut Lappen (grandson of Berta Sauels). First departure on 02 January 2007 North Hub of S.T.a.R. Cooperation based in Wunstorf. Expansion of the office complex on the new transfer station. Estimated completion: April/May 2007

Foundation of Sauels Logistics Services GmbH & Co.KG and expansion of global logistics solutions - Managing Director Marco Schirm, Thomas Heyer and Knut Lappen.



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